The Bloom

Step By Step Dance Studio has opened additional Dance Space at: 1200 Rt 208 Unit #10  Blooming Grove, NY

It is a one studio Unit and within our Studio we will refer to this space as  “THE BLOOM” 

The following Classes will be offered at this location:

MONDAYS                                                        INSTRUCTOR
Pre School (3-4 yr olds)- 1:15-2:15pm          Denise Carter
Hip Hop (13-15)-              5:30-6:30pm         Celine Trella

Acro Basics (14 and over)- 3:00-4:00pm     Ronda Barber
Acro Basics Open Class-      6:15-7:15pm      Ronda Barber

Jazz (14-16 yr olds)-         5:30-6:30pm         Veronica Nogrady
Int Tap (13-15 yr olds)-     7:00-7:45pm        Jamee Goldstein
Beg Tap (13 and over)-     7:45-8:30pm.        Jamee Goldstein     

Hip Hop (14 and over)-       6:30-8:00pm         James Lopez

Ballet (14 and over)-           4:30-5:30pm         Claire Deane
Ballet (12-13)-                     5:30-6:30pm         Claire Deane 

If you are interested in any of the classes listed or wish to change locations for classes you are already registered for, please contact the Step By Step Dance Studio Office 845-534-3645

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