Dress Code


Ballet: Any color leotard, ballet tights and ballet skirt. Pink ballet slippers (for younger students – avoid shoes that tie to tighten).  Hair should be neatly pulled back away from face.

Tap, Jazz & Hip Hop: Any color leotard, lycra shorts or jazz pants. Black jazz shoes or jazz sneakers. Black tap shoes. (Confirm style of shoe with instructor.) Hair should be neatly pulled away from face.

Modern: A choice of either Foot Undies or barefoot, leotard (any Color) , dance shorts or leggings, Form fitting t-shirt or cami top or sports bra, nude tights if wearing shorts


Ballet: Any color T-shirt with shorts or sweat pants. Black ballet slippers

Tap, Jazs & Hip Hop: Same attire as ballet with boys black tap shoes and black jazz shoes or jazz sneakers.

Please Note: Anyone not meeting dress code standards will be asked to leave class.

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