Happy Fourth of July

Look for us in Cornwall 4th Parade and Pageant.

Cornwall Then told by Cornwall NOW!

“Courage in Cornwall: Highlights of Our Heritage”
July 4, 2022: 6:30 p.m. at the new bandstand in front of Town Hall
A lively pageant of local history with music and dance, narrated by                 James Gagliano, Mayor of the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson

Participants and scenes (subject to change) include Josh Wojehowski, Supervisor, Town of Cornwall; Brett Bondar/Clan MacLeod; Madelynn Merced and dance students from Step By Step Dance Studio, directed by Ronda Barber, with special guest appearances by: Naoman, Chief, Waoroneck tribe of the Leni Lenape branch of the Algonquins Mistress Abigail Adams & her husband John Botanist Jane Colden, daughter of Lt. Gov. Cadwallader Colden of Coldenham Deborah Sampson (aka Robert Shurtliffe) George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army Lady Liberty Step By Step Dance Studio—Ronda Barber, Artistic Director
“Stars and Stripes”—Choreography by Veronica Nogrady
Dancers:  Gina Bertotti, Emma Blacksmith, Jillian Brand, Stephanie Fanning, Hailey Faurot, Amber Giovene, Caitlyn Hernandez, Rowan Hoyt, Gracie Hull, Macie Nannini, Emily Rita, Arianna Suarez, Katie Sweeney, Molly Sweeney
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