Food Guidelines 2:30 Show

Dear Parents and Dancers,
On Saturday January 9th we will be having the winter recital. With the food restrictions due to COVID we are asking that dancers try to leave their mask on as much as possible and only eat when necessary. There will be designated areas set up for the dancers to eat in, so that crowding will not occur. Please encourage your dancer to wash their hands before and after eating.
There are a few dancers in our studio who have severe food allergies and I am asking for your cooperation when bringing food to the theater. A sandwich is perfect as there will be no ordering of food or walking to a store. Please be aware and do not pack snacks with Peanuts or Tree Nuts. Please read the label of the products you would like to send. Some of these ingredients are sneaky and you would not expect them to be in the snacks you would like to send. We also ask that you do not send items that will stain the costumes. (No red fruit punch, chocolate, cheezits, etc.)
Below are some suggestions for snacks (please keep in mind that manufacturers change their manufacturing process so a food on this list might not now be ok. I hope this is helpful)
All Fruit and Vegetables Plain Wheat Thins
Plain Ritz Crackers Saltine Crackers
Plain Lays Potato Chips Bachman Pretzels Stix
Go Go Squeeze Vanilla Oreos
Graham Crackers (Nestle or Honey Maid)
Teddy Grahams Skinny pop popcorn (plain)
Tostitos Chips Barnum animal crackers
Belvita cinnamon, blueberry or chocolate
Thank you for your cooperation,

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