11:30 Show – STARBRIGHT

Please Read Carefully

Dear Parents,

Our 2021 Spring Dance Concert will be held 11:30am Saturday, May 22nd, at
Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center
1351 Kings Hwy
Sugar Loaf, NY, 10981

Dress Rehearsal
Sunday, May 16 from 8:30am -11:00am

There will be NO rehearsal at the Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center

11:30 Show:

  • Students should arrive at 8:30 am
  • Rehearsal will be from 9:00am-11:00am
  • Finale will be run first at 9:00am
  • 1 parent may attend the dress rehearsal with each dancer

The performance will be rehearsed in order of the show. Dancers should report directly to Step By Step Dance Studio. Each dance will be rehearsed once. Once you have rehearsed your last dance you may leave. Dancers should show up for rehearsal in full costume, hair and make-up.  

Hair – Should be pulled neatly back away from the face in a neat bun, unless discussed differently with the instructor of the class.

Make-up – Should consist of mascara and light eyeshadow. 

Jewelry – should not be worn

Nail/Toe Polish – should not be worn

Please refer to the following order for the 11:30 show: 

Finale will be rehearsed first. 

  1. Here Comes the Sun- Preschool Sat 11:45 (SB)
  2. Bop-HH Sat 11:00 (JL)
  3. Try Everything (tap)-B/T I Tues 4:30 (RB)
  4. Beautiful (ballet)-B/T I Fri 5:15 (ST)
  5. One (tap)- B/T III Thurs 4:30 (SB)
  6. Ever Ever After (ballet)-B/T II Tues 5:45 (HC)
  7. Rainbow (ballet)-B/T I Tues 4:30 (RB)
  8. Smile(tap)- B/T I Fri 5:15 (ST)
  9. Swan Lake (ballet)-B/T III Thurs 4:30 (SB)
  10. Me (tap)-B/T II Tues 5:45 (HC)
  11. LOVE (tap)-kinder B/T Sat 10:30 (SB)
  12. Defying Gravity-B/T II Mon 5:45 (SB)
  13. Accentuate the Positive (tap)-kinder B/T Mon 4:15 (SB)
  14. Be A Light(ballet)-B/T III Fri 5:00 (RB)
  15. Gotta Be Patient-kinderB/T Sat 10:30 (SB)
  16. Dance and Cry-B/T II Mon 5:45 (SB)
  17. Over the Rainbow-kinderB/T Mon 4:15 (SB)
  18. And We Danced(tap)-B/T II Fri 5:00 (RB)


  • Dancers should report directly to the back door of the Performing Arts Center at 9:30am.
  • Dancers will have assigned areas to change and stay while being off stage.
  • Dancers are asked to stay in their assigned areas and with their dance classmates in the order of their performances, so that they can be directed to the stage as a group when it is their time to perform.

There will be no intermission during this performance.

Your child will be participating in the Finale at the end of the entire Performance.

To avoid distracting the performers and other audience members, we ask that you wait until the end of the performance to pick up your child backstage.


Each DANCER will be able to purchase 2 tickets. Each ticket is $25.00 General Admission.  Tickets can be purchased at the studio office beginning Saturday, May 15.  All tickets must be purchased before the performance.  There will be no tickets sold at the door.  Theater doors will open at 11:00 am. 

**Negative COVID Test or Vaccination proof required for audience members as mandated by NYS and Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center.


Tickets may not be purchased until April and May tuitions have been received.

Beginning May 15th, tickets will be on sale at Step By Step Dance Studio during the following hours:

  • Mondays –4:00-7:30pm
  • Tuesdays – 4:00-8:00pm
  • Wednesdays – 4:00 – 8:00pm
  • Thursdays – 4:00 –7:30pm
  • Fridays – 4:00 – 7:30pm
  • Saturdays – 9:00am – 1:00pm

Additional Information

Videotapingwill be serviced by Sark Video.

DVDs will be available to order for $40.00 each.

All other flash photography and videotaping will not be permitted during the performance due to the safety of the dancers and other audience members.

Live Stream information will be released shortly. 

We are looking forward to an exciting Performance!  

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