1:00 Show


Dear Parents,

Our 2017 Spring Dance Concert will be held 1:00pm Saturday, May 20th, at Cornwall Central High School, 10 Dragon Drive, New Windsor, NY.

Dress Rehearsal 4pm-7pm – Friday, May 19th

The performance will be rehearsed in order of the show. Dancers should report directly to the auditorium. All costume changes will be done in the auditorium or bathroom. Each dance will be rehearsed once. Dancers will need to stay until the end of rehearsal to rehearse the finale. Dancers should show up for rehearsal in full costume, hair and make-up.  Pictures and videotaping will be permitted for the dress rehearsal only.

Hair – Should be pulled neatly back away from the face in a neat bun, unless discussed differently with the instructor of the class.

Make-up – Should consist of blush, mascara, light eye shadow, and lipstick

Jewelry – should not be worn


Dancers should report to the High School at 12:15pm. They should report directly backstage. Most of the dancers will report to the cafeteria, others will be assigned to the chorus and band rooms. Dancers will be asked to stay with their classmates in the order of their performances so that they can be directed to the stage as a group when it is their time to perform.

There will be no intermission during this performance.

Your child will be participating in the Finale at the end of the entire performance.

To avoid distracting the performers and other audience members, we ask that you wait until the end of the performance to pick up your child backstage.


Friday, May 19, 2017 4:00 – 7:00pm

  1. Piglet Dance (Parent/Tot)
  2. Mama Said (Hip Hop)
  3. Animal Style (Hip hop w Adv Hip Hop)
  4. Faith (Tap) w 5pm B/T I
  5. Candyman (preschool W-1pm)
  6. Written in the Stars (Modern Sat 9am beg. Modern)
  7. Falling for You (Ballet Sat 9am  B/T I)
  8. Better When I’m Dancing (Tap Tues 1pm K/T)
  9. Once Upon a December (Preschool Sat 10:30am)
  10. Neverland (Ballet w 5pm B/TII)
  11. Ballet II
  12. Get Back Up Again
  13. Princess Leia
  14. Stand in the Light
  15. Star of the Show
  16. Handclap
  17. Better Place
  18. Yours
  19. How Far I’ll Go
  20. Head Over Boots
  21. Can’t Stop That Feeling
  22. Vogue (Jazz Competition Dancers)

7-11:30 pm 5:00pm Show

Act II of 5pm show (see 5pm show for order)